Snowmen and Sleighbells

 About Snowmen and Sleighbells:
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Do you love snowmen? Do they find a 
 way into your ❤️ heart? Do they make you smile? Do you say "I just gotta have that snowman, regardless of the season, and home with you goes a snowman? Does your decor change from Christmas decorations, Santa's and such, to winter decor (snowmen) left up until that 1st day of spring or even all year? If you answered YES to any or all of these questions than you have come to the perfect website!!! 
Debbie is a lifelong artist who has found her niche, her passion after dabbling in various artistic endeavors over time. That passion is making snowmen (and an occasional Santa), for all reasons and every season: primitive, rustic, big, little, tall, small, slim, plump, she makes them all!  They are 100% meticulously handcrafted, no detail is overlooked. Her snowmen are all original designs, proudly made in the U.S.A. 

About the snowmen: 
They are individually made, one at a time, no mass production. They wear traditional black hats, with an occasional grey or white hat finding its way onto a snowman. Every hat is hand shaped and constructed for the snowman currently being built/made. All of them wear scarves, chosen from stacks of fabrics, rolls of ribbon, laces, yarn, fur (only faux fur is used), vintage quilts, antique grain sacks, old sweaters or coats. Their faces, individually made, have hand painted or stitched eyes, a sculpted nose and like their eyes their mouths are hand painted or stitched, their cheeks are blushed. By now the snowman/snowmen has developed its personality and is calling for its decor. Hours are spent searching for their decor which is acquired from a sundry of places: yard sales, thrift stores, estate sales, Ebay, Etsy, locally sourced businesses and some decor Debbie makes herself. Many of the snowmen have wooden signs, made from old Barnwood or aged cedar incorporated into their decor. Snow is added than the finishing touch that brings them to life...mica glitter, lots of German glass glitter!!!

  Snowmen for sale, looking for a good home!!! 

As stated above, an occasional Santa Claus finds itself being created by Debbie. Much like her snowmen, they are designed by Debbie and 100% handcrafted. The finest of fabrics are used and hours are spent searching for decor. She meticulously assembles the Santa leaving no detail undone. Her Santas are all of heirloom quality and truly collectors items.